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Rosanjin pursued delicious food in all his life.

Please enjoy many of the container that he invented, and his peculiar outlook on the world in which the tradition is resonant with the reformation.

Period: Friday, September 9 – Monday, September 19


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Welcome to the world of [monmon]

Hello, everybody.

 This is Galerie Azur.

A  new series of  works as our companion came to the Azur group.

That is called [monmon] who made by [katuta emi].








They are sitting down by the door of Azur, and praised by lots of customers.

Their face and hands are made of resin and the rests of  body are made of cloth.

If you like the pretty  [monmon], please come to Azur and meet the genuine work.

Thank you for checking.

By becky

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A Wild Boar

The sexagenary cycle is the sign of the zodiac in Chinese astrology. There are twelve kinds of animals in the cycle symbolizing each year.They are mouse, cattle,tiger,ect.

The boar is the twelfth of the sexagenary cycle.

We have a golden one and a brown one.

If you were born in the year of boar, we are expecting for your coming for the pretty boars.








by becky

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I will show you the new ceramics.

Hello, everyone.

It is different of yesterday, today is a windy day.

I will show you two of the new ceramics which we parchased yesterday.

The left one is call ” ehakeme tunogirimukotuke” by Mr.Takasi Nakasato.  The artwork  is glazed with the white enamel and black enamel at  first, then drawed a  special pattern  on it, and bake pottery in the end.

The other one  on the right side is made by Mrs. Hanako Sakamoto with the  modern peculiarity. Body is the black and always used as the salad bowl.

I think you will like them when you touching and using them.

Thank you for your checking.


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Hi dear all,

Several lithographs and etchings by ARIMOTO Toshio have been arrived.

 ARIMOTO Toshio (1946-1985) was a contemporary Japanese artist. He was fascinated and influenced by frescos such as works of Giotto di Bondone and Piero della Francesca, and by old Japanese pictures and sculptures of Buddhism saints. His favourite motif is a lady, who conjures up a goddess in our minds. Cloud, petals, playing cards, curtains etc. were often used to adorn the motif.

 Following is a part of our exhibition.

Title: “Spring”

Title: “Sing and Dance”


Title: “Note Book”

Hope you come to have a look at them.

Galerie Azur

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A gift for the day of father

Good morning, everyone.

It is the day of father tomorro.

Have you decied the gift for your father?

How about a teacup of the “Nakasato Taroemon”.

If your father had been given the gift, I think he will be exactly glad of it. 

Thank you for checking our blog.

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New Items

Hello there,

Three new straps have just arrived at our gallery yesterday.

Each of them has a sweet message as below;

Roly-Poly Boy

“Never mind if you tumble down

All you need is just to rise to your feet”


Little Matchmaker

“You two don’t know each other yet

Shall I make you close now?

Little Matchmaker makes a circle of relation”


Smiling Child

“No wisdom, no money

Still Buddhism can be practiced

A smile brings peace to your heart”


Please check them out at our gallery, or @ our online store – they are looking forward to seeing you.

Galerie Azur

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